XIR3 BusinessObjects Universe Design Training

This course is designed to give learners the comprehensive skills needed to design, build and maintain BusinessObjects XI R3 universes. You will gain skills in building and designing universes for the XIR3 environment.

Who should attend?

The target audience for this course is universe designers. People that will either build new universes or maintain existing ones.

Delegates will be able to

Delegates will be confident in building and maintain the universes that the currently have or are going to be required inside their organisation.


A solid understanding of relational databases and client-server concepts is required. Delegates must be SQL-literate and familiar with report creation and analysis from a user perspective using either BusinessObjects, Desktop Intelligence or Web Intelligence.


3 Days


£4500 (Up-to 8 Delegates)

 Topics Covered

  • Understanding BusinessObjects Universes  
  • Creating the Course Universe  
  • Building the Universe Structure  
  • Creating Dimension Objects  
  • Creating Measure Objects  
  • Using Lists of Values  
  • Resolving loops in a universe  
  • Resolving SQL Traps  
  • Applying Restrictions on Objects  
  • Using Functions with Objects  
  • Using Hierarchies  
  • Derived Tables and Indexes  
  • Linking Universes  
  • Securing Universes  
  • Managing Universes