BusinessObjects Training Passport

What Is A Training Passport?

A Training Passport is a flexible and value-driven way of meeting your organisation’s training needs.

With a Passport, our clients can pre-purchase a number of training ‘credits’ at discounted rates*.

Credits can be used to secure places on any of our training courses or workshops for a period of twelve months.

What Are Training ‘Credits’?

  • A training ‘credit’ is equivalent to one day of training, for one individual.
    Eg. A 2 day course for 1 person = 2 credits.
  • Credits are redeemable against both public workshops and privately held courses, delivered on your premises our ours.
  • Credits can also be used for course customisation and development if your business requires either a tailored course in terms of content or if you wish to use your own data.


The Benefits Of A Training Passport

  • Secures a training discount – up to 30% against standard prices.
  • Preferential treatment – when booking dates for course delivery.
  • Flexibility – you are able to train various staff at various times on various courses during the 12 months, avoiding scheduling conflicts.
  • Reduces administration – by avoiding the need to raise separate paperwork for every booking.


Types Of Passport – And Discount Rates

There are six levels of Training Passport available with increasing discounts offered for larger commitments:

Credits Price Discount*
Level 1 10 £4275 5%
Level 2 20 £8370 7%
Level 3 30 £12,150 10%
Level 4 40 £15,480 14%
Level 5 50 £18,000 20%
Level 6 60 £23,625 30%

Can Credits Be Shared?

Absolutely, as long as it’s within the same company.
Training Passport credits they can be used by one person or shared amongst any number of employees and team member within the same business.

Apply For Your Training Passport

For more information please contact our Training team by completing the form on this page.
Alternatively, you can telephone or email our team directly:
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