Performance Measurement Workshop

This one day course will enable the delegate to gain confidence when defining KPI’s to measure and monitor. So many organisations are measuring the wrong values, without even knowing it, or trying to measure the un-measurable.

You will gain skills in how to use specific techniques to make sure that you are getting the most out of your data and that what you are measuring is of benefit to the business.

Who should attend?

Employees that are responsible for setting the goals and targets that the department or organisation will measure to define success.

Delegates will be able to

Delegate will be able to implement the 7 step process to defining their KPI’s and be able to understand how to translate them into data and then drive action and improvement on that data.





1 Day


£1500 (up to 8 delegates)

 Topics Covered

  • SELECT: Choose what’s worth measuring  
  • COLLECT: Gather data which has integrity  
  • STORE: Manage the data so it’s quick and easy to access  
  • ANALYSE: Turn the data into information  
  • PRESENT: Effectively communicate the information  
  • INTERPRET: Translate the information into implication  
  • APPLY: Decide how implication will become action