Data Visualisation Workshop

Selecting the appropriate medium (graphs, tables and text) and how to visually design each component to express your message clearly and compellingly can have a large impact on how well your information is understood and actioned.

Who should attend?

The target audience for this course is Information Professionals, Information Workers and Information Consumers who need to communicate through visual means such as Dashboards and Infographics.

Delegates will be able to

  • To deliver compelling Business Analytics data graphically  
  • To choose the right medium for a visualisation  
  • To transform raw data into compelling information and Infographics  
  • To understand and evaluate presented information critically and encourage meaningful exploration of information




1 Day


£1500 (Up-to 8 Delegates)

 Topics Covered

Data Visualisations  

  • Planning and the Design Process  
  • Why Visualisations work

Selecting the right charts  

  • Defining the purpose of individual charts  
  • Types of chart and the benefits of each

Layout and Colour  

  • Learning from the experts of Web Design  
  • Positioning and placement to gain attention

Better Tables and Scorecards  

  • Perfecting tables  
  • Basic layout column and row order, grouping of columns and rows  
  • Use of supporting ink to assist navigation and highlight action items.  
  • Highlighting anomalies


  • Layout of elements  
  • Interaction Components