Advanced Web Intelligence XIR3 Report Design Workshop

This Advanced Web Intelligence XIR3 Report Design Workshop will teach you how to effectively design your reports using some of the advanced features of BusinessObjects XIR3 Report Design.

Who should attend?

This workshop has been created specifically for report designers and experienced Web Intelligence users and who need to create complex Web Intelligence documents.

Delegates will be able to

  • Apply alternative query and reporting techniques when creating complex Web Intelligence documents
  • Create combined queries and use sub-queries
  • Use character and date string functions, create variables using ‘If’ logic, and redefine calculation context
  • Link Web Intelligence documents using the hyperlink functionality and also create their documents using various SAP data sources


Additional Education

  • Web Intelligence Reporting Workshop
  • Universe Design Workshop


1 Day


£450* per person
*21% cheaper than SAP and many other Training providers.

 Topics Covered

  • Reviewing Web Intelligence core report design
  • Working with advanced query techniques
    • Using combined queries (Union, Intersect, and minus)
    • Running sub-queries (The values of one query used in another)
  • Working with calculation contexts
    • Change the way Web Intelligence runs your calculations
  • Creating formulas with character and date string functions
    • Advanced manipulation of your data output
  • Using If logic
    • Used for grouping and conditional calculations
  • Working with additional reporting techniques
    • Nofilter(), Running Calculations, Tracking Data Changes
  • Creating hyperlinks
    • Linking one report to another in a dynamic manner
  • 4.2 – NEW Shared elements feature
  • 4.2 – NEW element linking


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